At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in May 2018 there was some confusion regarding membership policies resulting from changes implemented but not publicised by the previous FERN board. The requirement to hand in membership forms in advance was not known and as a result a number of potential members were unfortunately ineligible to join on the night.

The FERN board would like to apologise for the frustration this caused some attendees, and the board would also like to express its appreciation to everyone who made the effort to attend, whether they were members or not.

The FERN board also acknowledges that membership were vettedĀ  by the previous board as per the provisions in the constitution. The new board has revised the membership policy and I am pleased to say that memberships are now an open process at FERN with no intervention by the board. Please note however that this policy does not apply to individuals that have been banned from joining or had their memberships expelled for breaching the Code of Conduct – these individuals will still not be able to join FERN.

Thank you for your patience while the new board has held meetings seeking to address issues raised by members. For those wishing to join FERN from now on, see the membership page for further details on the options and process.

To ensure that everyone gets the chance to vote for the FERN board, the Annual General Meeting for this year will be re-held in September of 2018 in line with the FERN constitution – see the AGM page for further details. Please note that all FERN policies and the FERN Constitution is now available on the website for the perusal of all members.

To those that have asked for membership to be open to everyone, transparency and increased accountability, we hear you.

Nimmi Carlose.

A/Co-Convenor FERN
On behalf of the FERN board